Industrials use financial products such as documentary credit offered by banks to facilitate and ensure the security of international import and export operations.

Before granting any financing, banks undertake a whole series of verification procedures to ensure the authenticity of the transactions involved. They are also obliged to conduct checks in order to comply with regulations to prevent money-laundering and terrorist financing.

Given the complexity of the verification process, these checks are mainly carried out manually. They demand considerable human resources and a huge amount of time, leading to extra delays for the end-client in receiving their goods.

The CREDOC project will devise a solution that automates the process conducted by financial institutions to monitor and check the shipment of goods.  

The CREDOC project is also officially recognised by the Pôle Images & Réseaux cluster.

  • - Semsoft, Rennes  [Project Developer]
  • - CLS, Plouzané
  • - HSBC, Courbevoie
Research center
  • - IRISA, Lannion
- Conseil régional de Bretagne (FEDER)
Overall budget
1 101 K€