Mer Méditerranée cluster: joint strategic areas

Maritime stakeholders – whether Atlantic or Mediterranean – quickly grasped that the links they share and could potentially develop were far stronger than their differences. The twin clusters therefore grasped the opportunity afforded by the French government to grow the maritime economy and resultant jobs by looking to innovation.

A new type of organisation

From their creation in 2005, the two maritime clusters have positioned themselves around a common theme: the sea. Their intention has been to pool skills and look for complementarity.

The interregional steering group – the Comité de Pilotage et de Coordination Interrégional – responsible for liaising between the Mer Bretagne Atlantique and Mer Méditerranée clusters, is made up of bureau members from each cluster. Responsible for coordinating joint action, the group monitors consistency in the projects recognised jointly by the clusters and checks for duplication and potential complementarity.

Dynamism between players and projects

The sea by its nature is a shared environment. Undertaking pioneering collaborative projects on maritime-related themes is the best way to guarantee groundbreaking economic development that goes beyond traditional industries. Since 2005, the Mer Bretagne Atlantique and Mer Méditerranée clusters have both proved this by recognising more than 400 projects with an investment value of almost 1.5 billion euros.