EBB - European Marine Biological Resource Centre Biobank



Funded by the European Commission as part of the Interreg Atlantic Area programme aimed at strengthening cooperation between the 36 Atlantic regions.
This project also comes under the EMBRC (European Marine Biological Resource Centre) mechanism, which links the principal marine biological research stations and provides them with a lever for innovation.


Duration │

48 months (Oct. 2017 – 2023)



€2 M



The project is coordinated by the University of Vigo and brings together the principal aquaculture collections on the Atlantic seaboard, including the Roscoff Marine Biological Station (UPMC-CNRS). This grouping of universities is linked to 3 other European clusters: Forùm Oceano (Portugal), ANFACO (Spain), IBIOIC (Ireland), involved in communicating and capitalising on the results of the project.



Atlantic biobank networking (EMBRC network) will be exploited by the project to share and harmonise protocols and to establish operational standards for distributing biological resources.
The goals of the EBB project will therefore involve facilitating access to biological resources, related data and molecules of interest for local and international users (research centres and SMEs). The project will also encourage/raise awareness of ecosystem biodiversity conservation by recommending compliance with regulations concerning access and benefit sharing (ABS). To achieve this, the principal objectives of the EBB project are:

1) To perfect new technologies and common procedures for maintaining organisms – bacteria, microalgae, fungi, vertebrates and invertebrates – ex-situ over the short and long term 
2) To facilitate the transfer of biological material
3) To harmonise regulatory dossiers relating to access to biological resources and access and benefit sharing (ABS)
4) To enhance blue biotechnologies


Cluster's role│

Pôle Mer is involved in several work packages and will principally responsible for communicating and transferring the benefits of the projects to network members via B2B, workshops, forums, etc.


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