SAFER - Smart Atlantic seaFood ClustER



Interreg Atlantic Area – a programme designed to promote transnational cooperation throughout the 36 Atlantic regions



€1.8 M



The project is coordinated by ERNACT and involves a total of 9 partners (plus 2 associate partners) located in 5 European countries on the Atlantic seaboard – Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal.



68 months (Oct. 2017 – June 2023)


Project summary│

SAFER is focused on increasing innovation in the sea produce sector – fisheries, aquaculture and algaculture – by adopting new technologies underpinned by transnational cooperation.


Objectives │

The project’s specific objectives are:

• To create effective transnational clusters based on sea products
• To establish a platform of services dedicated to the sea produce value chain
• To encourage adoption of new technologies
• To increase collaboration and technology transfer throughout the Atlantic regions


Cluster's role│

The cluster is responsible for setting up the network of target services – technological, clustering/networking, support for innovation, etc. – between the 5 countries of the Atlantic seaboard (WP4). In addition to this responsibility, PMBA will be involved in project coordination and communication and capitalisation of the benefits and spin-offs.




Stay tuned │

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