A maritime economy development tool

Hugely diverse marine natural resources, strong maritime culture and highly competent skills base firmly established in the region form a coherent context for the cluster.

A network of researchers and entrepreneurs

Excluding tourism, maritime activities in France generate a turnover of 64 billion euros and almost 304,150 jobs. The Atlantic seaboard encompasses a large proportion of this economic activity. The Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster is exploiting these assets today to drive the economy through innovation. In so doing, it collaborates closely with technopoles in key population centres in the three regions of Brest, Rennes/Saint-Malo, Lorient, Quimper and Lannion in Bretagne, Nantes/Saint-Nazaire in Pays de la Loire and Caen and Cherbourg in Basse-Normandie to create an extensive and dynamic network producing positive results

A tool stimulating economic development

The dynamism of the Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster relies principally on its network of players – major companies, SMEs, universities and research centres. The main missions of the Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster are to contribute to projects’ success, assist with creating technology platforms, promote exchanges between all maritime sector stakeholders and help concrete initiatives emerge.

A commitment to engaging with overseas territories

A strong identity does not imply a narrow focus. There is a strong commitment on the part of the Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster to working closely with French overseas territories. This is demonstrated in partnerships established with Qualitropic, an economic development cluster based on the Island of Reunion, and with Tahiti Fa’ahotu, the leading Polynesian cluster promoting innovation

The Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster also engages in regular exchanges with the Antilles, Guyana and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon