A network rooted in interregional collaboration

One of the strengths of the Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster lies in its close involvement in developing its own territory – the Bretagne-Pays de La Loire region. The cluster benefits from a host of maritime-focused environmental and economic assets and from the momentum for growth created by other urban employment centres such as Caen-Cherbourg. 

A structured network: leveraging action
The Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster is structured in such a way as to initiate the required leverage for its initiatives to be effective.

The cluster currently comprises

  • a network of more than 300 members, half of them SMEs, 

  • a management board of 26 members; a bureau comprising 6 administrators, 

  • a coordinating and engineering team (EIA) which has a thirty-strong membership all with academic and industrial skills and drawn from cluster members, 

  • an interregional steering committee coordinating activities between the Mer Bretagne Atlantique and Mer Méditerranée clusters to develop synergy and complementary initiatives.