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Project Coordinating and Engineering (PCE) Team

A thirty-strong team made up of staff from Pôle mer Bretagne Atlantique and its members manages cross-wise activities that demand a networking approach to ensure projects initiated by the cluster get off the ground.


Contact team members using the following email address format:


As of April 2020, the PCE team comprises: 


·          Patrick Poupon, Director

·          Philippe Monbet, Deputy Director

·          Gwenaelle Prigent, Assistant

·           Karine Pennec, Secretary

    Gwenaelle Ferec, Technopole Brest Iroise, administration and finance


Six strategic ares: 

As of April 2020 these are:  

securite-surete   Maritime safety and security


        Stéphane Charron, Thales 

       Frédéric Maussang, IMT Atlantique


naval-nautisme   Shipbuilding and leisure marine industry

·       Jean-Yves Pradillon, ENSTA Bretagne

Régis Guyon, Audélor

        Boris Teillant, Atlanpole

        Hubert Paitard, Naval Group


ressources-marines   Marine energy and mining resources

  • Deep offshore
  • Marine renewable energy

·       Thierry Bouchet, Naval Group

·        Jean-Yves Pradillon, ENSTA Bretagne


ressources-biologiques   Marine biological resources

  • Biotechnology

·       Olivier Denoual, Technopole Quimper-Cornouaille

·       Pascal Larnaud, Ifremer

  • Fishing and aquaculture

·       Olivier Denoual, Technopole Quimper-Cornouaille

·       Boris Teillant, Atlanpole

 Pascal Larnaud, Ifremer

environnement-littoral   Environmental and coastal development

·       Michel Repecaud, Ifremer

infrastructures   Maritime ports, logistics and transport 

Marc Le Goff, Naval Group

Didier Burnel, Port de Nantes Saint-Nazaire


PCE team remit

• To identify academic and industrial skills
• To network
• To facilitate emergence of innovative, collaborative projects
• To support project leaders: setting up and promoting projects, securing official recognition and finding partnerships and funding
• To provide SME support services, particularly at an international level
• To liaise with the French navy and national maritime operations
• To provide intelligence and economic monitoring
• To undertake media and press communication and relations


Cross-wise activities

·        Pauline Beneat, communication and media relations 

·        Sébastien Cann, CCI Brest, relations with SMEs and international relations 

·        Xavier Rebour, conseiller marine, training adviser and French overseas territories

.        Philippe Monbet, Anaïs Turpault-Penven, Nolwenn Beaume,  Juliana Carvajal, european projects

.        Hélène Colin, Technopôle Brest-Iroise

.        Juliette Rimetz, Technopôle Brest-Iroise

        Régis Guyon, Lorient Technopole

         Olivier Denoual, Technopole Quimper-Cornouaille

        Frédéric Ravilly, Atlanpole, Pays de La Loire

         Benoît Perrin, Anticipa