The SEMNA project aims to develop a bridge fit for navigating and controlling next-generation vessels. This will be designed as a real technological crew serving the bridge personnel and will be compatible with the various different levels of autonomy and navigation required by maritime software.

It aims to detect dangers to navigation using video cameras and process this information with the aid of machine learning algorithms. The system will combine this information with data from other sensors and display the results on the bridge.

This model paves the way for smart ships, with the aim of making future vessels safer, especially where there is jamming of or interference with GPS signals.

The research will focus above all on the future needs identified by IALA’s coordination work on e-navigation, the route map by the French Institute of Navigation (IFN) and the IMO’s recommendations.

The SEMNA project is also officially recognised by Pôle Mer Méditerranée.

  • - iXblue, Saint Germain en Laye et La Ciotat  [Project Developer]
  • - CS, Toulon
  • - Les Abeilles, Cherbourg et Toulon
Research center
  • - École Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM), Nantes
En recherche de financement
Overall budget
19 000 K€