Conférence "Biobased Composites in Marine Environment" - 22/23 avril 2021

Le 24/02/21

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Le Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique est partenaire de la Conférence « Biobased Composites in Marine Environment ». En raison de la situation sanitaire les deux jours de conférences se dérouleront 100% online. Le comité d’organisation travail actuellement pour vous proposer la meilleure plateforme virtuelle pour assurer le plus d’interactions possibles entre les participants.

The use of composite materials in the marine environment raises many scientific questions: durability, hygroscopic behaviour, ageing of structures, the impact of high pressure, mechanical stress or the degradation and end of life of its parts, coupled with their impact on the environment, are all fundamental issues. They are most of the time exacerbated when we talk about biobased composite materials and the use of reinforcing plant fibres. 

Over two days on 22-23 April 2021, the event proposes to give an overview of the state of the art and to contribute to the dissemination of current works through four highlights:  

1. Keynote talks

Pr. Jörg Müssig (U. of Bremen), Pr. Aart Van Vuure (KULeuven), Dr. James Blake & Dr. Jeanne Blanchard (U. of Southampton) and Ms. Rachel Moreau (One Step Ahead & Ocean As Common) confirmed their participation and will introduce the 4 sessions. Consult their biography and the provisional programme.

2. Scientific presentations

European experts in the various academic communities concerned (mechanics, biology, physics, chemistry) will share their latest advances on the following topics: Plant fibres and preforms for biobased composites materials; Matrices and interfaces; in-use properties in marine environment; Deconstruction, end of life, recycling and environmental assessment. 

3. Companies pitchs

Discover how biocomposites inspire the maritime industry with the testimony of several European companies. 
Are you a company that already experienced the incorporation of biobased materials in composites and want to showcase your products or activities? Or do you intend to do so but did not have the opportunity yet or still face some issues
> Apply by emailing before 28/02/2021 with a short description of your company and activities and a title for your presentation.

 4. Individual meetings

You will have the opportunity to network in both industrial and academic communities, deepen some topics or engage future collaborations with the other participants onsite or online through the B2B meeting platform*, facilitated by BDI's EEN team for the Eurolarge Innovation programme.

*You will be able to register on the meeting platform and book your meetings with a link provided after your registration.