Developing international partnerships

The Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster has developed special relationships with several clusters in overseas markets for the benefit of its SMEs. Several partnership missions – to Brazil, Japan, Chile, Singapore, etc. – involving the Mer Méditérranée cluster are organised every year with the support of the French government overseas export department (DGE).

The Mer Bretagne Atlantique has secured partnerships with the following:

  • Marine South East (England)

  • Schleswig Holstein maritime cluster (Germany)

  • Créneau marin (Quebec, Canada)

  • Liguria Marine Technology District (Italy)

  • Franco-Norwegian Foundation

  • Tan-Tan Oceanopole (Morocco)

  • ONIP and Rio SubSea Cluster (Brazil)

The partnerships are intended to lead to transnational cooperative projects, to a better understanding of the mechanisms for accessing other countries’ domestic markets and organisation of BtoB meetings. In addition, a partnership agreement has been signed between the Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster and the French foreign trade advisory body (CCEF) to support SMEs abroad. This is an opportunity for members of the Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster to benefit from mentoring when beginning to develop international activities.