Project I

ENTROPI - ENabling Technologies and Roadmaps for Offshore Platform Innovation


Programme I

EASME Blue Technology – European Executive Agency programme for SMEs aimed at transferring innovative solutions in maritime economic regions.


Partnership I

The ENTROPI project is overseen by Marine South East (GB) and comprises a consortium of 5 partners from 4 European countries.


Duration I

24 months (Apr. 2017-Mar. 2019)


Total budget I

€595 K


Objectives I

The goal of the project is to define and implement the future value chain of developments in multi-use floating platforms.
This involves drawing up an investment plan highlighting existing capacities and focusing on SMEs’ involvement and their potential for innovation in the value chain.
The project will assess the options for deployment of key sector players with an interest in multi-use platforms within the Atlantic maritime space.
Special attention will be paid to aligning the plan with regional and national priorities to secure adequate funding.


Impact I

ENTROPI will respond to the two key Blue Growth priorities of aquaculture and renewable energy by increasing capacity and will significantly advance the European energy union.
The project could become a platform for offshore infrastructure development in two other areas of Blue Growth – maritime security and marine mining.


Cluster's role I

Pôle mer is exploiting its extensive experience to oversee work package 2 – Domain and value chain analysis – to assess the capacities for offshore-platform development by drawing on research, innovative industrial technology and regional and national policies.
The cluster will also provide expertise on energy issues, creating a road map (WP3) and cooperation with industry (WP4).


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