INvetrebrate IT



EASME Blue Technology



€860 K



24 months (Jun. 2017 – May 2019)



The project is coordinated by INNOGATE TO EUROPE (Spain) and brings together 7 partners – 3 clusters, 3 SMEs and 1 research institute – located in 5 European countries.



The goal of Invertebrate-IT is to bring together influential players to determine a European-wide road map and investment plan designed to promote and exploit production of invertebrates (such as insects) as a sustainable and environmentally responsible food source for aquaculture. The project is a circular economy initiative aimed at the economic development of waste/co-products generated during agri-food processes and used as a cultivation substrate for invertebrate production. The project is intended to ultimately enhance SME competitiveness in this sector.



The Invertebrate-IT project brings together forty players in the public and private sectors in the Atlantic region to determine a common strategy in keeping with the special challenges of this sector of activity. In doing so, it is seeking:

- To exploit and develop invertebrates as a sustainable and environmentally responsible food source for aquaculture and fish farming
- To contribute to the development of commercial and industrial solutions for a competitive and diversified aquaculture sector
- To enhance the synergy between the different Atlantic regions and the sector’s disruptive players
- To raise awareness of the issues linked to food security and of alternative routes to development


Cluster's role│

Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique is WPL1, assuming responsibility for establishing strategic partnerships and capitalising on and disseminating knowledge.


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