Project I

BlueBRIDGE - Building Research environments for fostering Innovation, Decision-making, Governance and Education to support Blue Growth 


Programme I

Horizon 2020 EINFRA – a programme developing excellence in European research infrastructure


Partnership I

The BlueBRIDGE project is overseen by the Italian research council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) and comprises a consortium of 14 partners from 6 European countries.


Duration I

30 months (Sept. 2015 – Feb. 2018)


Total budget I

€5,295 K


Objective I

The objective of the project is to develop collaborative tools in the form of virtual research environments (VREs) for the fishing, aquaculture and environment sectors.
The goal is to create a package of support services for scientists in the process of their research in a range of fields – biology, economics, environment, mathematics, etc.
Cooperation between the consortium’s various public and private sector players will also enable development of new data-processing algorithms for the target maritime sectors.
BlueBRIDGE is also intended to benefit SMEs, enabling them to access these services and exploit the innovative tools in their activities.


Impact I

BlueBRIDGE will strengthen the capacities of interdisciplinary scientific communities actively engaged in developing knowledge of overexploitation of resources and degradation of the environment and ecosystem to broaden the spectrum of opportunities for expanding and conserving resources.


Cluster's role I

The cluster’s role involves promoting the tools and services developed within its network and, more broadly, among all stakeholders targeted by and interested in the functionalities offered by BlueBRIDGE.
It is also responsible for disseminating the results and organising workshops and training.


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