Funded project

The META project involved developing a new generation of numerical tools for analysing and optimising the performance of yachts and vessels with sail or hybrid (engine/sail) propulsion systems, for use in decision-making by naval architects, boatbuilders and operators.

Previous software calculated yacht speed using sail adjustments based on constant sea conditions. The META software takes account of variable environmental conditions on the one hand and actual vessel behaviour on the other – deformation of the yacht’s various elements for example – to produce a dynamic calculation.

Spin-offs and future developments

The research carried out produced efficient and reliable software offering hitherto unavailable technical options that allow dynamics and structural deformation issues to be integrated from the boat-design stage.
The META tool was enhanced with the addition of functions such as robustness analysis.
As a follow-up to the project, the intention is to develop a ‘routing/race modelling’ coupled tool for overall optimisation of models using realistic information over a route time to contribute to specific target functions.

As soon as it was launched, the META software was used in the America’s Cup by Land Rover BAR and Groupama Team France.

The META project is also recognised by the Pôle EMC2 cluster.

  • - Benjamin Muyl Design - BMD, Auray  [Project Developer]
  • - Guillaume Verdier Architecture navale, Larmor-Baden
  • - Joven, Paris
Research center
  • - École Centrale de Nantes, Laboratoire de recherches en Hydrodynamique Energétique et Environnement Atmosphérique (LHEEA) UMR 6598 (CNRS-Centrale Nantes), Nantes
- Conseil régional de Bretagne
- Conseil départemental du Morbihan
- Lorient Agglomération
- Vannes Agglomération
Overall budget
1 023 K€