The Sea-Tags Pro app is aimed at providing a simple-to-use, inexpensive and connected system for detecting a man overboard. This development is in response to demands for improved safety at sea from maritime professionals – fishermen and carriers – and from clients with larger-sized vessels of over 50 feet.

Sea-Tags Pro is therefore offering a monitoring station that is compatible with and connected to personal wristbands. SEA-TAGS designed for pleasure craft have already been on the market since 2016.

The wristband’s security feature comprises a Bluetooth signal which cuts out in the event of submersion, prompting an alarm on a Smartphone via a specific app and recording the position at the moment the wearer went overboard.

In addition to GPS, the Sea-Tags Pro will use Galileo GNSS and GLONASS and will be capable of connecting to a ship’s NMEA network.

  • - SECURITAG, Nantes  [Project Developer]
Overall budget
465 K€