The EVA project is developing a ‘connected boat’ equipped with 180 sensors linked to a touch-screen map that centralises the boat’s information.

Based on the developments emerging from the initial EVA project, EVA2 will work on significantly increasing embedded intelligence to move towards an autonomous navigation system for the boat and thereby enhance leisure craft safety.

In addition, the platform will continue making the boat easier to sail by developing innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and, particularly, by integrating it into the boat’s existing system. The AI involved must ultimately be capable of autonomously guiding the boat into and out of harbour and of managing navigation at sea.

Round-the-world autonomous navigation of the first connected boat is scheduled for the next Vendée Globe event in 2020.

  • - Kara Technology, Saint-Sylvain-d'Anjou  [Project Developer]
  • - D-ICE Engineering, Nantes
Research center
  • - École Centrale de Nantes
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Overall budget
3 134 K€