Funded project

Offshore operations in the future must involve ship automation and reduced tonnage.
The ATOLL project proposes to develop a robotic undersea connector capable of guiding an electro-optical cable to a submerged station or apparatus to supply electricity and enable communications.  

The piece of equipment will enable subsea missions to be carried out from lighter-weight surface support vessels. In this way, ATOLL aims to reduce the day-to-day costs and environmental impact of subsea operations such as those involved in offshore oil and gas, defence, scientific research, MRE, etc.

It is anticipated that the ATOLL demonstrator, scheduled for 2018, will lead to the development of commercial auto guiders produced in France and operated on an international scale.

The ATOLL project is also officially recognised by the Pôle Mer Méditerranée cluster.

  • - Forssea Robotics, Paris et Clapiers  [Project Developer]
  • - Searov Offshore, Frontignan
Research center
  • - ISEN, Brest
Overall budget
1 406 K€