SECULMER is based on the idea of a brightly coloured tethered balloon equipped with a light signal that floats well above the waves at the end of a halyard attached to the person or craft in distress. The ultra lightweight balloon, made from a gas-impermeable fabric, is incorporated into clothing or equipment. By simply pulling on a toggle, the balloon inflates and the halyard extends. Those coming to assist can immediately pick up the message and carry out a vertical rescue below the balloon's location.
The SECULMER system is designed for maritime professionals - fishermen, RNLI, tug crews and anyone involved in operations at sea - for crews in long-distance races, those practising watersports (sialing, surfing, angling, etc.), and for use in surveillance and scientific research (drift buoys, ocean measuring equipment and monitoring hazardous areas).
The system establishes a new and simple alarm signal everyone can recognise - "Balloon in the air - vertical rescue required".

  • - Ulmer Aéronautique, Sophia Antipolis  [Project Developer]
  • - Air Liquide, Grenoble
  • - Uship, Auray
  • - Voile Russo, Hyères
Research centers
  • - Ifremer, Brest
  • - Onera, Salon-de-Provence
- Fonds Unique Interministériel
- Région Bretagne
- Collectivités territoriales PACA
Overall budget
2 459 K€