The cosmetics market is continuously on the lookout for innovative and effective developments with the result that natural active ingredients which are processed in an environmentally responsible way are in much demand by the industry. In this context, the marine environment presents a genuine and potentially very rich reservoir of active ingredients that is worth developing.

The OCEACTIF project proposes to develop and commercialise active ingredients of value that are derived from (cultivated) macroalgae for cosmetic applications and extracted using innovative, sustainable processes.

The innovations developed will form part of the whole value chain from production to promotion:
- Domestication of marine macroalgal species
- Metabolic orientation towards biosynthesis of molecules of interest
- Green extraction
- Formulation and realisation of new, increasingly efficient methods and biological tests
- Commercialisation of new natural cosmetic products.

  • - Agrimer, Plouguerneau  [Project Developer]
  • - Bretagne Cosmétiques Marins, Plouguerneau
  • - C-RIS Pharma, Saint-Malo
Research centers
  • - Station biologique de Roscoff
  • - Université de Rennes, Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes (ISCR)
Local authorities
  • - Conseil départemental du Finistère
  • - Conseil Régional de Bretagne
  • - Rennes Métropole
  • - Saint-Malo Agglomération
Fonds Unique Interministériel
Collectivités territoriales Bretagne :
Conseil régional de Bretagne
Conseil départemental du Finistère
Rennes Métropole
Saint-Malo Agglomération
Overall budget
2 589 K€