Funded project

The AlgOstep project will develop a new microalgae production industry using urban or industrial waste water in order to develop the economic potential of the biomass, significantly eliminate pollution and render the system profitable.

A positive synergy will be created by combining waste-water processing, microalgae mass cultivation and optimising the commercial potential of the biomass.

The system will be perfected by examining the optimum cultivation conditions and developing microalgae on a lab and pre-industrial scale using the AlgoSolis facility, a public R&D platform recently officially recognised by Pole Mer Bretagne Atlantique. The potential for developing microalgae commercially will be studied in accordance with statutory regulations.

The project's focus will be on obtaining a viable technical and economic model for rolling out a new industry. The environmental impact of the new system will also be assessed.

  • - GLS, Paris  [Project Developer]
  • - Algaia, Caen
  • - AlgoSource Technologies, Saint-Nazaire
Research center
  • - Laboratoire de Génie des Procédés - Environnement - Agroalimentaire (GEPEA), Université de Nantes, Saint-Nazaire
Other partner
  • - BIO by Deloitte, Puteaux
- Ademe
- Région Pays de La Loire
Overall budget
702 K€