Funded project

Much is at stake in protecting plants against disease in order to optimise agricultural produce yields and quality. The use of pesticides does, however, remain seriously problematic for the environment and public health.

The IRIS project involves developing new solutions which focus more on vine and wheat health based on the use of biostimulants and pioneering technology for imaging and agricultural equipment.

The project is innovative on three key levels:

-       Developing new algal-based biostimulants combined with Plant Defence Stimulators (PDS) to optimise the physiology of plants and their receptiveness to PDS

-       Devising a new system for targeted, controlled spraying

-       Establishing physiology diagnostic imaging tools, deployed in a controlled manner and enabling regular evaluation of the symptoms of disease.

The IRIS project will focus on two strategic sectors of French agriculture: wine and wheat growing.

  • - Laboratoire Goëmar, Saint-Malo  [Project Developer]
  • - Artemis, Dijon
  • - Global Sensing Technology, Dijon
  • - Tecnoma, Epernay
Other partners
  • - Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne (BIVB), Beaune
  • - Laboratoire Biotechnologie et Gestion des Agents Pathogènes en Agriculture, Lille
  • - Ulco, Calais
  • - UMR Agroécologie
  • - Urca, Reims
- Fonds Unique Interministériel
Overall budget
2 577 K€