The META project involves developing a new generation of numerical tools for analysing and optimising the performance of sail or mixed-power ships, for use in decision-making by naval architects, shipbuilders and operators.
The tool created will be able to be used in decision-making in projects designed to develop alternatively powered methods of shipping freight, notably sail-powered (kite, sail or wing), or in competitive projects. It will be designed to adapt to the operational monitoring of the energy efficiency of mixed-power merchant vessels and thus play a part in implementing Energy Efficient Management Plans (EEMP), which are set to become obligatory as from 2013.

The development of this tool will enable issues relating to dynamics and structural deformity to be integrated from the outset in ship design. The considerable scalability offered by this tool means that naval architects will also be able to test innovative architectural configurations more easily.

The excellence and expertise developed in the world of competitive sailing offer an opportunity for the French ship and leisure boatbuilding industry to make its mark by using tools which give it a significant technological edge over foreign competitors.

  • - Benjamin Muyl Design - BMD, Auray  [Project Developer]
  • - Guillaume Verdier Architecture navale, Larmor-Baden
  • - Joven, Paris
Research center
  • - École Centrale de Nantes, Laboratoire de recherches en Hydrodynamique Energétique et Environnement Atmosphérique (LHEEA) UMR 6598, Nantes
- Conseil régional de Bretagne
- Conseil départemental du Morbihan
- Lorient Agglomération
- Vannes Agglomération
Overall budget
1 023 K€